Standard Optoelectronic Components

At Clairex Semiconductor, we are an industry leader in the design, manufacture, and assembly of high-reliability, high-performance optoelectronic components.

We offer a comprehensive lineup of products suitable for use in commercial, medical, and military applications. With our extensive technical capabilities, we provide intelligent solutions that can satisfy the most challenging functional requirements. We offer an extensive range of standard products, and as expert problem-solvers, we can also develop custom solutions engineered to support your specific application.Standard Optoelectronic Components

We specialize in optoelectronic emitters from ultraviolet through the near-infrared, IRED and LED arrays, emitter-detector assemblies, as well as photodiodes, phototransistors, and photo ICs. We also design and manufacture custom photodarlingtons as well as multi-chip modules and hybrid solutions. You can tap into our engineering knowledge at any point in the development lifecycle to ensure your product delivers the performance benefits you are looking for. We have considerable experience in providing Mil-spec grade products for surveillance illumination, including infrared night vision applications, and we manufacture custom designed emitters and sensors with unique optics and autoclave-tolerant packaging.

By combining our capabilities in engineering, manufacturing, and assembly, we develop integrated processes that are cost-efficient and reduce production time. Our manufacturing and assembly services are backed up by a robust quality management program, which is managed by a staff of technicians that fully understand all of the fundamentals of optoelectronic devices and the sophisticated test instruments and algorithms used for formal analysis.

All design and assembly is performed the U.S.A. We manage projects that involve both small and high volume order quantities, and for your convenience, we offer custom stocking programs to ensure your goods are always available. With products that exhibit an exceptional caliber of quality, our customers hail from a large cross-section of high-tech industries.

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