Custom-Designed ASICs

As an internationally recognized leader in semiconductor packaging, at Clairex Semiconductor we are top providers of custom ASICs (application specific integrated circuits) for optoelectronic applications.

We serve customers in a wide range of industries and have years of experience with next-generation optoelectronic technologies and high-performance Mil-spec systems.

Today’s military, industrial, and commercial electronics are growing more complex and powerful, and our custom ASICs provide compelling advantages over using multiple discrete components. With our custom ASIC design capabilities, we can implement multi-functional solutions in compact, low power, low-cost, high-reliability devices. We leverage sophisticated computer design tools to develop full custom and standard cell-based designs for reliable processing of optoelectronic signals. The low-level signals typical of many optoelectronic functions can be potentially compromised if they have to be cabled to subsequent processing circuits. To address this issue, we design optoelectronic ASICs that process the signals within a few thousandths of an inch of the sensing structure and transmit a robust, low-impedance output for signals to the adjacent circuitry. Our custom ASIC solutions can help save space on your circuit board and simplify assembly.

Our custom optoelectronic ASIC design and manufacturing services incorporate a robust quality management program. Our qualified engineers have a full technical understanding of optoelectronic devices, and our laboratory houses an extensive lineup of sophisticated test and analytic instruments to validate ASIC performance. We build flexibility into all of our ASIC designs, and with our disciplined process, we keep development time as short as possible. With medium to large order quantities, unit costs are very affordable. To learn more about the advantages of working with an industry leader, contact us directly.


Chip Design Styles Full Custom
Standard-Cell Based
Applications Based on customer specifications
Testing/Inspection Destructive Testing
Group A
Group B & C
Hermetic Seal Testing
Visual Inspection