Clairex is a semiconductor packaging company specializing in the design and manufacture of optoelectronic components and assemblies for high performance and high-reliability applications.

Clairex Part Number*RoHS CompliantTypePackage
CFD470YesFiber Optic PIN PhotodiodeTO-18 package, Plastic Fiber Optic lens
CFE370AYesFiber Optic 850nm EmitterTO-18 package, Plastic Fiber Optic lens
CL9P5LQNoPhotoconductorEpoxy dome, ceramic base
CLA101Yes1×4 phototransistor array5 leaded flat-pack
CLD156YesSilicon PhotodiodeTO-5 metal can
CLD156RYesSilicon PhotodiodeTO-5 metal can
CLD160YesSilicon PhotodiodeTO-5 metal can
CLD240YesPIN PhotodiodeTO-46 metal can
CLD240EYesPIN PhotodiodeTO-46 metal can, epoxy lens
CLD240WYesPIN PhotodiodeTO-46 metal can, flat glass lens
CLD340YesGaAs PhotodiodeTO-46 metal can
CLD370FYesSilicon Photodiode5mm diameter (T-1 3/4) plastic package
CLE130EYes940nm IREDTO-46 metal can
CLE130WYes940nm IREDFlat window TO-46
CLE135Yes940nm IREDTO-46 metal can
CLE234EYes2×2 880nm IREDTO-46 with epoxy dome
CLE234WYes2×2 880nm IREDFlat Window TO-46
CLE320WYes812nm EmitterFlat Window TO-46
CLE330EYes850nm IREDTO-46 with epoxy dome
CLE330WYes850nm IREDFlat window TO-46
CLE331Yes850nm Point SourceTO-46 metal can
CLE331EYes850nm Point SourceTO-46 with epoxy dome
CLE331WYes850nm Point SourceFlat Window, TO-46
CLE332Yes850nm Point SourceTO-46 metal can
CLE332EYes850nm Point SourceTO-46 with epoxy dome
CLE332WYes850nm Point SourceFlat Window TO-46
CLE333Yes850nm Point SourceTO-46 metal can, very narrow beam angle
CLE334EYes2×2 850nm IREDTO-46 with epoxy dome
CLE334WYes2×2 850nm IREDFlat window TO-46
CLE335Yes850nm IREDTO-46 metal can
CLE336Yes850nm IREDTO-46 metal can
CLE367Yes850nm IRED5mm diameter (T-1 3/4) plastic package
CLE435YesRED LEDTO-46 metal can
CLE435WYesRED LEDFlat Window TO-46
CLE436YesRED without any IR componentTO-46 metal can
CLE436WYesRED without any IR componentFlat Window TO-46
CLE501YesUV EmitterTO-46 metal can
CLE509YesUV EmitterTO-46 metal can
CLE535YesGREEN LEDTO-46 metal can
CLE535WYesGREEN LEDFlat Window TO-46
CLE536YesBLUE LEDTO-46 metal can
CLE536WYesBLUE LEDFlat Window TO-46
CLE539YesWHITE LEDTO-46 metal can
CLE539WYesWHITE LEDFlat Window TO-46
CLI305YesSlotted Optical SwitchPlastic housing with wires
CLI325YesSlotted Optical SwitchPlastic housing with wires
CLI355YesSlotted Optical SwitchPlastic housing with wires
CLI375YesSlotted Optical SwitchPlastic housing with wires
CLI385YesSlotted Optical SwitchPlastic housing with wires
CLI700YesReflective Switch – Photo-IC outputTO-72 package
CLI710YesReflective Switch – transistor outputTO-72 package
CLL131YesInverter w/10K pull-up Resistor4 Lead TO-72 metal can
CLL134YesBuffer, Open Collector Output3 Lead TO-18 metal can
CLL135YesInverter, Open Collector Output3 Lead TO-18 metal can
CLL137YesInverter w/10K pull-up Resistor3 Lead TO-18 metal can
CLR130YesPhotodarlingtonTO-18 metal can
CLR130WYesPhotodarlingtonFlat window TO-18
CLR131YesPhotodarlingtonTO-18 metal can
CLR131WYesPhotodarlingtonFlat window TO-18
CLR132YesPhotodarlingtonTO-18 metal can
CLR132WYesPhotodarlingtonFlat window TO-18
CLT130YesPhototransistorTO-18 metal can
CLT130WYesPhototransistorFlat window TO-18
CLT131YesPhototransistorTO-18 metal can
CLT131WYesPhototransistorFlat window TO-18
CLT132YesPhototransistorTO-18 metal can
CLT132WYesPhototransistorFlat window TO-18
CLT133YesPhototransistorTO-18 metal can
CLT135YesPhototransistorTO-18 metal can
CLT335YesPhototransistorTO-18 metal can
CLT435YesPhototransistorTO-18 metal can

*Indicated products are RoHS compliant as of November 3, 2006. Other products will be added as evaluations are completed.