Quick to Prototype

Too frequently in today’s technology, an Engineer is likely to look for something “good enough” to do the job, not knowing that a more ideal solution may be just around the corner. 

Specifically, in the specification of a component, an Emitter (UVED, LED, or IRED) may be needed, but needing one at a specific wavelength may be an exercise in frustration – but it doesn’t have to be.

At the other end of the beam, a specific sensor may be the difference between a good design and one that may differentiate a product at a level well above the nearest competitor.

With an eye toward meeting this need, Clairex has an inventory of 76 different chips (sensors and emitters), 27 different headers, and 23 different lenses, yielding over 47,00 combinations of optoelectronic components, all in Plano, Texas – these are available for quick-turn prototyping to meet your optoelectronic component needs.

Realistically, many of these combinations are physically impossible – chips that are too large to fit on a header, or lens cans that are too short to allow welding without damaging internal parts, but the combinations that are realizable still represent well over 10,000 combinations of mechanical, optical, and electrical design – with emitters that can range from the near-UV to the near-IR and sensors with exceptional speed and driving capability. Furthermore, with a technical team having more than 170 years’ cumulative experience in optoelectronics, the probability of a successful outcome on the first attempt is a virtual certainty.

Additionally, with this capability in the USA, if you are a domestic customer, affordable prototypes can be delivered in a few days; for international customers, parts can be shipped in a few days and delivered depending on the desire for that device. All prototypes are processed with complete documentation allowing for specific modifications to be made if necessary, or manufacturing specifications can be created directly from the prototype documentation. This yields a very short time from paper design to production products.

Contact Clairex for additional information about how we can expedite your optoelectronic designs and gain that critical time-edge over your competition.