Sensor & Emitter Components

As a leading optoelectronic device design and manufacturing company, at Clairex Semiconductors we supply sensor and emitter components for commercial, aerospace, military, and other critical applications that demand high reliability.

Custom made with component-specific ratings and operating temperatures, our integrated sensor-emitter product line includes both active and passive components. We also offer electromechanical components including terminals, connectors, contacts, switches, protection devices, and others. We have expertise in most optoelectronic technologies, and our experience and insight allow us to work with companies from concept development to design, prototyping, and production.

With our extensive knowledge of optoelectronic technologies and our in-house design expertise, we manufacture sensors and emitter components and assemblies that perfectly align with your application requirements. Our range of sensor devices includes photodiodes, phototransistors, photo-ICs, and photodarlingtons, while our emitter devices range from point source, high power output, and fiber optic devices in the infrared, plus UV emitters, and visible wavelengths. Our sensors and emitters are RoHS compliant and feature hermetic packaging with a high-temperature packaging available as an option.

We have vast experience across an extensive range of high-tech, high-performance applications. Examples of products we manufacture include reflective assemblies for sensing object location or detecting positional changes. We build night vision infrared illumination rings that integrate with harsh environment flood lamps and deliver output greater than 16W per steradian. Manufactured in multiple wavelengths with multiple circuit functions, we supply fiber optic data links in a butterfly package that includes a LED and a thermistor that controls a thermoelectric cooler. These are only a few highlights from our extensive product portfolio, but serve to demonstrate that we are capable of meeting the most challenging design and assembly challenges.

Our flexible production model allows us to handle orders of any size and our prices are very competitive. All products undergo rigorous test and inspection to ensure high-reliability performance in critical applications. To learn more about our high integrity sensor and emitter components, contact us directly.

SensorsPhotoconductor (Light Sensitive Resistor)
Photodarlingtons (Custom Part)
EmittersPoint Source
High Power Output
Fiber Optic
Visible Wavelengths
Quad Chips – 2x2 Array
Silicon Photodiodes
Gallium Aluminum Arsenide Photodiode
Fiber Optic Silicon Pin Photodiodes
Hermetic Packaging
RoHS compliant
High-Temperature Packaging Available
High Power Output
Hermetic Packaging
RoHS compliant
High-Temperature Packaging Available
Absolute Maximum RatingsComponent Specific
Storage / Operating TemperatureComponent Specific