Hermetically-Sealed Components

As specialists in semiconductor packaging and optoelectronics, at Clairex Semiconductor we manufacture an extensive product line of sensors as well as ultraviolet, visible spectrum, and infrared hermetically styled emitters and a broad family of sensors.

Our solid state components are characterized by their superior reliability and longevity. We have developed a proprietary cavity structure that minimizes stress on the chip, and our encapsulation process delivers a virtually-impenetrable seal to ensure there is no potential for environmental contamination over the entire product service life.

Our infrared emitting diodes are available in large area high power configurations; we also manufacture point source emitters as well as spontaneous infrared emitters. Our products include ultraviolet and nearultraviolet emitters as well as LEDs in violet, blue, green, amber, red, white, and red <0.1% IR. The sensor lineup ranges from Photodiodes through ICbased sensors. Our staff consists of a team of industry professionals who are available to assist in selecting the product with the optimal attributes for your application. This includes a multitude of options regarding wavelength, supply voltage, drive current, forward voltage, power dissipation, and other variables.

We offer next-generation hermetically styled emitters that are efficient and powerful. Our range of sensors is literally second to none, and our manufacturing and quality assurance processes comply with industry standards, including Mil-spec, and our products serve many important functions in aeronautics, medicine, solid-state lighting, displays, robotics, semiconductor manufacturing, and a multitude of other military, industrial, and commercial applications.

Whether you need a few prototypes or have high volume requirements, we have the production flexibility to accommodate your needs. But be aware that being hermetically-sealed by design still requires additional testing to assure hermeticity for every component; that is available by request with the cost being related to the nature of the required testing. To learn more about our high-quality, performance-reliable hermetically styled components, contact us directly.