Clairex is a semiconductor packaging company specializing in the design and manufacture of optoelectronic components and assemblies for high performance and high-reliability applications.


  • Custom Designed Optoelectronic Components

    Custom Designed Optoelectronic Components

    By collaborating with these clients, Clairex sales staff and engineers provide a custom solution to produce the exact component required.

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  • Standard Optoelectronic Components

    Standard Optoelectronic Components

    By combining our capabilities in engineering, manufacturing, and automated assembly, we develop integrated processes that are cost efficient and reduce production time.

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    Standard components
  • Sensor & Emitter Components

    Sensor & Emitter Components

    With our custom ASIC design and manufacturing capabilities, we can implement multi-functional solutions in compact, low power, low-cost, high-reliability devices.

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    hermetically sealed components
  • Hermetically-Sealed Components

    Hermetically-Sealed Components

    Our infrared emitting diodes are available in quad-chip hi po configurations, and we also manufacture point source emitters as well spontaneous infrared emitters.

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    hermetically sealed components
  • See All Capabilities

    See All Capabilities

    Rather than risk using a less than ideal component, partner with our expert engineering staff to develop a custom designed optoelectronic components to solve the specific needs of your project.

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