About Us

Clairex Semiconductor is a Woman-Owned Small Business located in Plano, Texas with all of its manufacturing exclusively in the USA.

Clairex takes great pride in an organization that has nearly 170 years of technical experience in optoelectronics and related fields of the electronics market. We emphasize an ethical responsibility to all our customer base with a goal of being the best supplier of optoelectronic components, with production exclusively in the USA.

Clairex Technologies (dba Clairex Semiconductor) was started in 1993 when David Catter, Sr. and a business partner proposed to improve and supply a part needed by the General Aviation Avionics division of a Fortune 500 company. That part had been supplied previously by another company, but the lifetime purchase yielded less than 10% after accounting for mechanical and electrical failures. The customer determined that a redesign of the Avionics module would be prohibitively expensive, but a key part, a photoconductor-based high-voltage isolator was not currently available anywhere. The previous supplier had no interest in supplying that part, but word got out to the principals of Clairex; a better design was proposed, accepted, tooled, and production began with photoconductors manufactured in Plano, Texas.

As expected, the new design from Clairex was successful, meeting all the requirements for electrical and mechanical design with excellent reliability; this beginning led to expansion into optoelectronic components that were equal to or better than others in the marketplace.

The Company was formally introduced in 1995 at the Sensors EXPO with product diversity and growth essentially stemming from that introduction.

Two moves and as many decades later, the outstanding company stock was purchased by LaVerne and David Catter, Sr., making it a family-owned business with LaVerne holding the majority of the shares; Clairex was officially registered as a Woman Owned Small Business on September 15, 2017. Additionally, the ten-year average turnover in company employment is under 2.7% annually.

Today, Clairex Semiconductor is maintaining a compounded annual growth rate of around 8% and continuing to manufacture exclusively in Plano, Texas.