Small to Large Volume Production

In a perfect world, all production orders would be of near-identical size, and deliveries spaced such that there are no fire-drills nor idle time.

In the real world, real customers have different volume needs and different schedules. At Clairex, we can provide the attention needed to schedule and fill large orders with continuous product flow as well as smaller orders that are just as important to their designers as those who require significantly higher volumes.

Clairex has designed for and supplied to the Automotive Market with multiple-shift operations, still maintaining a stellar quality rating, and maintaining that for years while shipping over 13.5 million custom parts.

At the same time, we have processed and delivered much smaller orders which, for those customers, are their bread and butter; we know that and understand the necessity of treating every customer as if their product or products are the only thing that keeps us moving, because that is actually the case.

Clairex has always produced exclusively in Plano, Texas, knowing that we have all the resources that are afforded by our location in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex. Additionally, domestic production generally gives Clairex the edge in providing quick-turn prototyping and rapid changes if the customer needs to make a running change to an existing product without having to stop production.

Contact Clairex for your optoelectronics needs; give us a chance to help you grow your company and the markets they serve.