Fiber Optic Components

Components for Fiber Optics applications are specifically designed to have the target area in the geometric center of the package based on the device being centered on the component lens. Internal design of Point-Source emitters provides concentrated radiation at the geometric center of the package window to maximize the power available to be launched into a fiber placed at that location. The Fiber Optics receivers are similarly designed to allow the radiation from a fiber to be received by the photon detector mounted in the package.

PIN Photodiode

Part (1)
A/W (typ)
ID (3)
nA (max)
CT (4)
pF (typ)
deg. (typ)
tr (5)
ns (typ)

Point Source IREDs (850nm)

Part (1)
PO (6)
µW (typ)
VF (7)
V (max)
tr, tf (8)
ns (typ)
CFE370TO-18, 3 Lead, plastic lens292.06.0


  1. Click on part number for data sheet.
  2.  Tested with 50/125µ core, 0.20 N.A. fiber at 10µW optical power
    from an 850nm source.
  3. VR = 5V.
  4. VR = 20V.
  5. VR = 15V.
  6. Graded index fiber, 50µ core, 0.20 N. A., IF = 100mA.
  7. IF = 100mA.
  8. IF = 100mA, prebias at 5 mA.